Grulla 216 RB

Classic designs for shotguns that will accompany you forever.
– Drop forged steel frame with disc set strikers and gas escape valves.
– Rose & scroll hand engraved action.
– Round or traditional square body action.
– Old silver or case hardened finishing.
– Drop forged demibloc – chopper lump barrels with concave rib.
– Automatic, selective ejectors.
– Double triggers with articulated front.
– Five pins true side-locks with double safety sears.
– Well figured walnut stock with hand rubbed oil finish.
– Custom stock measurements available.
– Silver oval for your initials.
– Available in all gauges, 12 – 16 – 20 – 28 – 410.
– Additional custom features available.

With all Grulla’s, we offer a free gun fitting, so each Grulla is made to your measurements, as well as an oval engraved with your initials.

The Grulla 216RB has a similar engraving style to the classic Purdeys of old. Similar or equivalent to the AYA No 2 de luxe in price and quality.

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