Grulla Windsor

Distinguished shotguns for the most demanding sportsmen.
– Drop forged steel action frame with gas escape valves.
– Fine 100% hand engraved.
– Old silver or case hardening finishing.
– Drop forged demibloc – chopper lump barrels with concave rib.
– Holland & Holland style assisted opening action.
– Automatic, selective ejectors.
– Double triggers with articulated front.
– Five pins true side-locks with double safety sears.
– Stock and forearm of selected walnut with hand rubbed oil finish.
– Silver oval for your initials.
– Available in all gauges 12 – 16 – 20 – 28 or 410.
– Additional custom features available.

With all Grulla’s, we offer a free gun fitting, where the price includes being made to your measurements, as well as an oval engraved with your initials.

The Grulla Windsor shotgun is similar to the AYA Centenary model shotguns in terms of price and quality with the added feature of assisted/self opener.

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