Grulla Pairing

Unlike many other brands such as AYA, Merkel, Rizzini, Beretta, Browning and almost anyone else you can think of; if you order a pair you can expect to pay a pairing charge of roughly 10% in addition to the cost of the two individually priced guns. Why? There are several reasons although it generally comes down to numbering, cost of wood for pair is higher and if hand engraved the second gun takes 3-4 times longer due to it having to match number 1 exactly. I could understand the justification for a Grulla as they are handmade but for a mass produced gun such as some of the above it doesn’t make any sense. So why is it free with Grulla? Simple, if you have a pair it is a significant investment and Grulla know this so they’d rather you shoot there guns.

With Grulla there is no pairing charge applicable, meaning it is far more affordable to own a pair of Grulla vs many of the brands above. In fact when you compare the pricing of Grulla vs AYA, the Grulla offer seems comparable although when you start adding options such as a fitted stock etc, the price of an AYA (similar grade) starts spiraling vs a Grulla.

If you consider the Grulla sidelocks are handmade on a Holland & Holland 5 or 7 pin patent, hand engraved in house within the factory in Einar. The value of the guns is exceptional. View the Grulla shotgun range.


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  • Richard Thompson says:

    I have been hunting quail with my Grulla Supremes in 410and one in 28, since 2008.
    They are wonderful guns and I highly recommend this maker.

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